Read awesome review of Nina's album "The Promise" from the indie newspaper Shepard Express!.

Read awesome review of Nina's January 15 show at Beat Kitchen in Chicago.

Nina Ferraro is an indie-folk-rock artist based in Chicago. She writes all of her original music independently, and plays several instruments, including guitar, ukulele, and piano.

At age 11 Nina began exposing audiences to the songs she'd been writing in seclusion for several years. She began singing and playing acoustically at a local coffee shop in her hometown and the experiences fueled her passion for music. In the years following, she would go on to perform at venues including Taste of Chicago, SPACE in Evanston, Beat Kitchen, Abbey Pub, Uncommon Ground, and many other venues in Chicago and across the Midwest.

At 14, Nina recorded and released her first original single, "Let It Go", produced by Wade Norton and Tommy Byrnes (music director for Billy Joel). The legendary Kenny Aronoff (Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Smashing Pumpkins) worked with Nina in the studio to record drums/percussion for the single.

One year later, Nina returned to Los Angeles, this time to record a five-song EP, produced by Will Golden and Al Sgro (producers of Erik Hutchinson, Meiko, and Michelle Branch). Musicians who played on the record include bassist Jonny Flower (Ryan Adams, Colin Hay), multi-instrumentalist Brad Gordon (Ingrid Michaelson, The Weepies), and drummer Michael Jerome of Better Than Ezra.

The Promise EP is, as Nina describes, "an adventure of perspective. Nina performed and recorded all vocals, played guitar, ukulele, piano, and toy piano. All music and lyrics are composed by Ferraro.

The Promise EP is receiving national airplay on college and independent radio and Nina has done several on-air interviews discussing her music, her life, and the origins of her passion.

Now Ferraro is continuing creating and performing, touring with her band across the Midwest, and receiving critical acclaim for her live shows.

"The maturity in her writing and vocals was remarkable. In all honesty I was VERY tired and not planning to stay for Nina's set which began at 10:30pm. ...After hearing her first song I was in for the duration. Her live performance was vocally flawless (and trust me I am picky). She had a great range and perfect soothing pitch with nuance."
-Chicago Music Seen


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To Be Continued...

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